Bar Refrigeration Equipment in Mechanicsburg, PA

If you operate an establishment that serves drinks, you need proper bar refrigeration. Requipment Co. Inc. supplies the new and used bar refrigeration equipment Mechanicsburg, PA establishments need to keep the drinks they’re serving cold—along with everything from mixers, to garnishes, to chilled glasses and more. We’re the place to come for back bar coolers, bottle coolers, draft beer cooler/dispensers and glass chillers.

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New Bar Refrigeration Equipment

Serving up an ice-cold drink is only possible with new bar refrigeration systems. We bring our customers the best in diverse refrigeration units, including draw beer dispensers, back bar fridges, bottle coolers and glass chillers. Choose from different brands, sizes and capacities—all at different price points. We strive to help you make an investment in equipment that’ll keep your drinks cooled and refreshing for decades to come.

Reconditioned Bar Refrigeration Equipment

Whether you’re building out a new bar or updating the equipment of your current serving operations, the cost of bar refrigeration equipment can become expensive. That’s why we bring our customers the very best in reconditioned bar refrigeration products. You’ll get the peace of mind that comes with reconditioned equipment at an affordable price point, backed by a 30-day warranty. We’ve worked with restaurants, bars, hotels and other serving businesses throughout Mechanicsburg, PA to ensure they get high-caliber reconditioned bar refrigeration equipment at the right price. 

Essential Beverage Solutions

Requipment Co. Inc. has the vital bar refrigeration equipment our establishment needs to sling cold drinks to thirsty patrons and keep them coming back for more. From bars, to restaurants, to hotel bars and beyond, we supply our customers with new and reconditioned bar refrigeration equipment they can rely on. To get access to quality equipment at a great price, come visit our showroom or give us a call at 717-790-9440.