Restaurant Freezer and Refrigerators Store in Mechanicsburg, PA

Freezers and refrigerators are staples in almost any restaurant—especially if yours prides itself on using fresh ingredients. Requipment Co. Inc. ensures Mechanicsburg, PA restaurants have access to the new and used restaurant freezers  and refrigerators they need to keep their ingredients fresh and safe until it’s time to cook them. From standalone to walk-in freezers, we make it easy to get the cold storage you need, in whatever capacity your restaurant operations demand.

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New Restaurant Freezer and Refrigerators

If you need a new restaurant freezer or refrigerator, make us your first destination. Our selection of new equipment meets every need, from walk-ins to reach-ins, full-size to under-counter options. We strive to bring you the chilled solutions you need to keep food, ingredients and other inventory on ice until you need them. Our selection of restaurant freezers and refrigerators spans all makes and models, as well as all price points, so you have plenty of optionality when outfitting or upgrading your kitchen’s climate control systems. 

Reconditioned Restaurant Freezers and Refrigerators

Looking for reconditioned restaurant freezers and refrigerators? Skip the action or the foreclosure sale and come to us! We’re the most reputable and reliable dealer of reconditioned freezer are refrigerator units in Mechanicsburg, PA, prepared to help you find the right unit and capacity for your restaurant. From Bally full-size walk-ins to Migali upfright reach-ins, get ready to bring home reconditioned equipment that’ll serve the needs of your kitchen operations each and every day, without fail.

Keep Your Inventory on Ice

Requipment Co. Inc. helps restaurants throughout Mechanicsburg, PA get the cold storage they need to keep their ingredients fresh, so they can continue to produce delicious food for their patrons. Whether you need a full walk-in or a standalone freezer, we have new and reconditioned models that are right for your operation and your budget. Contact us today at 717-790-9440 to inquire about our inventory or stop by our showroom and see what we have in stock right now.